ALSA is a non-political, non-profit association that welcomes cultural diversity and advances the professionalism and hard-working ethic that in which are the evident characteristic of Asians. ALSA has become and is continually improving as a premier association that provides the venue for bright law students to develop as future leaders and major players of Asia.

ALSA indonesia

ALSA National Chapter Indonesia is a full and founding member of ALSA. Founded in 1989, ALSA National Chapter Indonesia is divided into 14 Local Chapters of various universities spread to 5 islands from the west to the east of Indonesia. With more than 3000 active members,  ALSA Indonesia continue to grow and set examples on how law students are and should be prepared to fit in the global area.


ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Padjadjaran  or best known as ALSA LC Unpad is a Local Chapter based in Bandung, West Java. ALSA LC Unpad was founded on the same year with ALSA National Chapter Indonesia in 1989 by Garda Ranasoedirjo in March 7th. ALSA LC Unpad as a non-political, non-profit association, is divided into five divisions beneath the Board of Director namely, Internal Division, External Division, Human Resources Development Division, Information, Technology and Communication Division and lastly Funding Division. Presently, ALSA LC Unpad continues to grow and improve as an association that prepares law students to learn, connect and develop as future leaders.